I could easily imagine the music of ENSHINE to be as soundtrack to a dozen sci-fi movies. From “Blade Runner” to “Alien” and to “Pitch Black”. Those guys have a natural talent to what they do. And to what they did with Slumber and Atoma in the past.

Singularity” is full of images, of feelings and emotions. It is smooth but also rough. It’s like a space odyssey. Death metal, doom metal, melodic death and an absolutely melancholic feeling with some amazing electro samples and synths. Just hear “In our Mind” and you will feel it to your soul.

The band has an amazing way to mix all those things together in an perfect result. The riffing is simple in some points and in others is labyrinthine. Jari Lindholm is mastermind to what he’s doing here. His ideas add a lot of depth in the album. The production of the album is in very high levels. The band has made an incredible wall of sound so nothing stands out of it. Sebastien Pierre add a lot of aggression with his vocals in the result.

ENSHINE did an amazing album. They are surely something unique to the metal scene and I hope they continue as good as now. I really love their music and the ghosts (in a good way) of Slumber and Atoma are present. One more reason for me to dive deep in their music and the feelings that flow form it!

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