I always considers US death metallers Acheron an important band of their genre and generally of the whole metal act. It was many years ago when i came to contact with their music listening some legendary releases of them. First it was ”Lex Talionis” album and ”Satanic Victory” EP and then came debut ”Rites of the Black Mass”.

It was the first time i felt something such blasphemous flowing through the speakers, as i still wasn’t familiar with Morbid Angel back then. 15 years later, the Americans are back with a new album that dosn’t change my opinion for them at all. Satanic blasphemous death metal by a band that truly believes in itself. The year is 2009 but Acheron have no need of compromising, becoming more modern or changing their lyrical approach.

The album stands more than an average level not only as a death metal act, but also as a complete release at the ends of this decade. And if this band was a little underrated because people wouldn’t take them so serious, because they thought of them as naive and stuck to satyanic issues, well, you needn’t do the same mistake.

The times have changed a lot since then, but not for them. In the likes of Morbid Angel and Incantation, this album comes to prove that the band is still alive and has still a lot to offer. I would really be very glad to know they are going to tour and see them live one day. Such an experience would be awesome. You should definitely listen to this album, it is amazing how some things can remain full of quality without changing their whole approach through the years. Gentlemen,this is really a nice work of you.

We can still count on you for much to come. 666!

Track List Line Up
01. Intro
02. The Apocalypse
03. Rise Of Rebellion
04. Blood Oath (Pactum Tacitum)
05. I Am Heathen
06. Godless (We Are Gods!)
07. Salvation Through Hatred
08. Power And Might
09. Millennium’s End
10. A New Age
11. Anno Armegeddon
Vincent Crowley – Vocals, Bass
Kyle Severn – Drums
Max Otworth – Guitar
Art Taylor – Guitar