Imagine your favorite science fiction movie with a very heavy and ambient touch. Then you get some idea of what MECHINA is about.  And I say some because unless you have a strong dose of this band, you will only scratch its surface. The band has three full length album releases the last equal years. Their last work is named Acheron and is I think their most complete release up ‘till now.

MECHINA is an independent band. They have released five full length albums since 2005, two EPs and several singles without signing any label for now. All their releases are in digital form only except Acheron which was in digital and in limited 100 copies. As you understand here we have a very special and rare occasion of a band.

MECHINA is an industrial death metal band but with many influences. We have female operatic vocals, death and clean male vocals, heavy as hell riffs, exceptional drumming, a distinguish soundtrack feeling and their best production up until now. It’s difficult with simple words to describe the mix of all those things I’ve mentioned above but believe me the result is something unique. All their interest and concept circles around space, sci-fi and humanity. Things I don’t think will get to be boring any time soon with those kind of lyric theme.

Listening to “Acheron” again and again makes a huge and epic feeling. A question for the unknown but yet an amazing excitement as if you are in space yourself. Everything is put in the right place and if someone was looking for a false thing I would only think of the long orchestral songs.

Well, MECHINA is something unique as I said. Their work and how they do it is also unique. A band surely worth your time and “Acheron” an album definitely worth being in everyone’s (that has a clue of course of this kind of music) playlist.

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