Warning! This is not the eighth full length release of the Swedish band. It is their new interpretations to some of the best songs of their career, coming from the golden period 1996-1999. Arch Enemy this time decided to release a cd with tracks from their first three records, sung by their female vocalist Angela Gossow. The necessity of this release is something to be questioned. Why did they come up with this decision? It is very seldom to try and recreate something that has already left its mark throughout the years.

For many Arch Enemy fans, especially the ones who got to know them before Angela joined forces with them, ”Black Earth”, ”Stigmata” and ”Burning Bridges” are three phenomenal albums. One incident that made them even better, was Johan Liiva (now on Hearse). A charismatic vocalist who sung with such passion, like he felt each note inside his soul. So, Mrs. Gossow had a really difficult tusk, trying to fill Liiva’s shoes. She has gained experience of course these eight years she is in the band, having sung most of these songs numerous times. But that doesn’t mean of course that she can do it the same well. You can’t blame her for lack of effort, passion or brutality. Entering Arch Enemy, brought her and the group tremendous success, that they might have never had if Liiva stayed in the band. Also, it is rumored that back in the past, many problems occured inside the band, something that seems now to have been solved in the most possible way. What I have objections for, is the fact that some orchestrations have changed in some songs. As example, ”Transmigration Macabre” sounds so lame in this release… It is such a pity for such tunes to lose enough of their initial power.

”The Root Of All Evil” contains brutal, fast, melodic and mid tempo moments of the band’s former days, there can’t be complain about variation here. Also, as a gift, they give us three live bonus tracks of old songs, with ”Bridge Of Destiny” being a cool surprise. I can’t convince even myself to take this release seriously. Not that i don’t enjoy it, but to be honest, having had some listenings to it, i am sure i will rarely get into it in the near future. Michael Amott is a man whose past has revealed some great moments, whatever he has done is characterised by quality. This time makes a fault i think. Having lately released a dvd, this movement shows that ”The Root Of All Evil” was made just to fill the gap until the next full album of the Swedish metallers. How many will get enthused by this move, I can’t really tell. But I can tell you one thing for sure, don’t blame me for past lover or anything else.

This time, I really missed Johan Liiva more than ever. Some things you can’t return. And some others you just can’t change them.

Track List Line Up
01. The Root Of All Evil (intro)
02. Beast Of Man
03. The Immortal
04. Diva Satanica
05. Demonic Science
06. Bury Me An Angel
07. Dead Inside
08. Dark Insanity
09. Pilgrim
10. Demoniality (instrumental)
11. Transmigration Macabre
12. Silverwing
13. Bridge Of Destiny
14. Bury Me An Angel (live)
15. The Immortal (live)
16. Bridge Of Destiny (live)
Angela Gossow – Vocals
Michael Amott – Guitars
Christopher Amott – Guitars
Sharlee D’ Angelo – Bass
Daniel Erlandsson – Drums