First of all I have to tell my friend Panagiotis how much I hate him for putting myself in such a demented torture. I cannot explain otherwise in pure and well built words what I have been up to in the 54 minutes that this album lasted.

Why are there groups that do this to us? Why can’t some people just grow up or look around them to see that we have almost entered 2010 and they still remain stuck to their minds and actions somewhere at the beginning of the ’80s? Why do I have to listen to thunders, lightnings, swords and dragons once again? I am reaching 29 in six months, I happen to catch myself wondering that sometimes time is valuable and this is simply what I still think, for I have lost one hour of my life listening to this…

Well, let’s just not be bad, because if I open my mouth they won’t be washed even by the purifying fires somewhere in Valhalla. When I saw the label was Magic Circle, I was happy, since I know that Joey DeMaio is a man whose experience could tell more than just a name. He did it successfully once with a thrash group called Bludgeon, but this time I humbly tell him he was wrong, for Metalforce are so boring, so predictable, so out of space and time, tiring, without personal sound and identity and generally, they have nothing to offer to someone who craves for something special. Yes, they are traditional and true metal, but I don’t care. I could keep my mouth shut, but I couldn’t help playing the fool.

It is useless to write anything else, just keep away, unless you consider bands like Heimdall great and you think Manowar have retired and you just found your new heroes. May God not put me in such a test again…

Track List Line Up
01. Faster, Louder, Metalforce
02. Freedom Warriors
03. I Rule The Night
04. Thunder And Lightning
05. Metal Crusaders
06. When The Valkries Fly
07. Thunderchild
08. We Are The Fire
09. Melt Thy Steel
10. Let The Battle Begin
11. Son Of The North
Tarek “MS” Maghary – Vocals
Tristan Visser – Guitar
Freddy Schartl – Bass
Jan Raddatz – Drums