Pelican have been around several years, succeding in one of the most difficult things in music, thus being in the ackward position to get their audience’s attention, as a band, by their music soundscapes of instrumental songs exclusively. From their start, throughout this EP “Ataraxia Taraxis” their music and style has almost been a trademark after some years.

As they do with every release so far, Pelican have managed to sound unique and special, although there are some small elements in these four songs that haven’t been heard before in their music. Some electronic loops for example, or the use of classical guitar parts that hasn’t been heard that much as well.

For all their fans, be not afraid because, this does not mean that you’ve lost your favourite band…Their vast riffs, their travelling effects, their tripy almost chilling heaviness is present everywhere. Pleasantly heavy and uniquely massive, could really describe it quite clearly and precisely on what you’re about to hear here.

One thing that surprised me in a pleasant aspect, could be the small duration of all the tracks, which is something we are not used to, when we refer to Pelican. So, in case anyone had issues with their music being some how fond of plagiarism and missing the point, I’m afraid there’s nothing for you to argue about…

In a pleasant wait for their next full length “Ataraxia Taraxis EP” although small in duration makes it quite well to my ears and hopefully to all of you familiar to this instrumental music approach!!!

Track List Line Up

02.Lathe Biosas
03.Parasite Colony



Trevor de Brauw – guitar
Bryan Herweg – bass
Larry Herweg – drums
Laurent Schroeder-Lebec – guitar