It’s true that Ill Nino has never found the glory days of “Revolution Revolucion” and that “Enigma” was a little soft. But meanwhile the band has achieve to be headliners for a long period of time and stay steady and deadless. Their new album “Dead New World” is bringing back a lot of aggressivity and make us positive about the future to come.

The flat production of “Enigma” and “Confession” is nothing but a bad memory as in “Dead New World” the sound is more loud and hard! The riff duo Luster / Verduzco have the ability to strike and the vocals also reenforced the whole. Machado represents everything we love for a new metal singer: a clear loud voice, just a bit rappy and with an amazing heavy growl wich wasn’t very present in the latest stuff. A very good job also on the percussions wich are very clear and precise.

So we can tell that is much powerful than the previous album but they still seem to be out of inspiration as they fell into cathcy, radio-friendly song. Take for ex. “Bleed Like You”: a powerful and hyper groovy intro riff, a very melodic verse but there is still a “linkin Park style” chorus wich doesn’t give much to talk about. There are of course good choruses that are stuck in your mind like “God Is Only for the Dead”, “If You Were Me” and “Mi Revolucion” but there are some which really annoy you as they’re using the same formula. Specially in “Against the Wall” the low level of the lyrics is very unattractive….« I don’t wanna be like you cuz I just wanna be like me » seriously???

The electro/indi intro of “Scarred” represents one of the few really inspirational moments of the album but it’s over in a few seconds…Another good one is the acoustic part in “Ritual” but soon spoiled by the same formula of lyrics in the chorus! So “Dead New World” is a completly up and down album but the good news is that their downs are not completly bad but just relatively simple and general.

“Dead New World” is one of the most positive new-metal album relleased in the last years for the only reason that no one still in this kind. The fans of Ill Nino dissapointed by their latest work will be pleased as it’s much heavier and probably place it second after “Revolution Revolucion”. We can say that despite « We’re dead ! » screamed by Machado in the begining, the band is much alive and will be for the years to come.

Track List Line Up
01. God Is Only for the Dead
02. The Art of War
03. Against the Wall
04. Mi Revolucion
05. Bleed Like You
06. Serve the Grave
07. If You Were Me
08. Ritual
09. Killing You, Killing Me
10. How Could I Believe
11. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
12. Scarred
Cristian Machado – Vocals
Diego Verduzco – Rhythm Guitar
Ahrue Luster – Lead guitar
Lazaro Pina – Bass
Dave Chavarri – Drums
Daniel Couto – Percussion