“This means war!” There is no better way to describe the sonic assault of Blood Revolt. Formed by members of Revenge and Primordial, this power trio brings holocaust to your soundset and your ears!

“Indoctrine” is a death/black/grind attack on the senses with thunderous blastbeats,menacing guitar riffs and raging vocals. Although it can be argued that it sounds like a watered down version of Revenge and Axis of Advance,it lacks not their nihilism nor their misanthropic essence. Even the few slower, really raw heavy metal parts are only the calm before the storm,a catch of a breath before another wave of colossal riffs by Chris “Vermin”(Axis of Advance) and terrorizing blast by James Reed (Revenge). Don’t worry about the absence of bass guitar, the guitars are so huge,thanks to the fitting production, that it won’t even be noticed.

A concept album, “Indoctrine” tells the tragic story of a broken man who, secluding and isolating himself from society, gradually finds shelter in fundamelist religious fanatism and eventually becomes a suicide bomber. Divived in 8 tracks, which can be thought as diary entries, this drama is given life and voice by Alan Averill (Primordial). Alan here abandon his lyrical vocal approach and adopts an aggressive style. Black metal howls,maddening whispers, even his clean majestic vocals sound filled with insanity and rage.

Overall, this album is not for the black metal purists out there. It won’t surrender itself to clichés, but if you let yourself get immersed in it, you will be rewarded with mucical brilliance. I’m putting my money on these guys, they will offer us even better things in the future.

Track List Line Up
01. Salvation at the Barrel of a Gun
02. Dead City Stare
03. Bite the Hand, Purge the Flesh
04. God’s Executioner, Praise Be
05. My Name In Blood Across the Sky
06. Indoctrine
07. Year Zero
08. The Martyr’s Brigade
A. Nemtheanga – Vocals
C. Ross – Guitars
J. Read – Drums