Three years after the killer album “Cult Of The Dead”, Legion Of The Damned are back with their fifth studio album called “Descent Into Chaos “.

If you are into Death or Thrash metal you are going to love it. These guys just know how to play old school solid Death/Thrash in modern innovative way. Groovy riffing, blast beats and spiteful hating vocals are the basic elements of the new album, fulfilling every single one of the fan’s expectations offering a 40 minute head banging orgasm.

After, the opening intro song “Descent Into Chaos”, which tries to transfer you a war vibe, “Night Of The Sabbath” is here drown you with the numerous killing riffs. In the continuation “War Is In My Blood” firstly ensures the martial vibe of the album and also offers smiles as the Kreator influences are so noticeable. While the filler “Shrapnel Rain” gives you 4 minutes of breath keeping the pace, “Holy Blood, Holy War” and “Killzone” are here to break you whole neck into million of pieces with all these crushing rhythms. “Lord Of Flies” the albums seventh track after the acoustic guitar intro hymns groove making it a perfect Thrash metal song. Lastly “Repossessed” is the ideal way to close this pleasant album and possess us again.

The only negative thing about this record is the existence of some filler songs and also the non-existence of guitar solos. I firmly believe that if solos existed in this album it surely will be a 10(okay not every single song needs a solo, but in some parts they would awesomely fit the feeling).

On the other hand, Legion Of The Damned give lessons of how to play simple ,fast ,good and catchy giving an excellent example of how this music should be played. Taking everything into consideration, “Descent Into Chaos” is a great release making LOTD to be one of the top bands in Thrash metal today.

Track List Line Up
01. Intro – Descent into Chaos
02. Night of the Sabbath
03. War in My Blood
04. Shrapnel Rain
05. Holy Blood, Holy War
06. Killzone
07. Lord of the Files
08. Desolation Empire
09. The Hand of Darkness
10. Repossessed

Maurice Swinkels – Vocals
Richard Ebisch – Guitar
Harold Gielen – Bass
Erik Fleuren – Drums