Legion Of The Damned
Suicidal Angels, Damned Creed, Speedrush
An Club, Athens, Greece

First off, I would like to apologize for not being able to witness the live performances of the three support bands, due to personal reasons. Luckily, that night was not ruined at all, as I had the chance to be able to watch the Dutch metallers Legion Of The Damned, playing for the first time in Greece.

I decided to travel 500 kilometers to see them live, as I am a big fan of them. The band is at their peak I guess, having released a very good record this year called ”Cult Of The Dead” and they have been praised by a lot of fans for their rather energetic performances.

All I had to do is watch on my own how true all these were. And thank God, they really were blasting! What you listen to the recordings, is presented 5 times better in a live situation. The quartet offers a lot of riffs, double bass parts, growls and above all: Sweat and headbanging to the core (this moment of time, my neck is still in pain because of the continuous headbanging during the hour that the concert lasted). They did a great job and they played songs of all the four records they have done (”Malevolent Rapture”, ”Sons Of The Jackal”, ”Feel The Blade” and the new ”Cult Of The Dead” we  mentioned before). The only complaint I could state is that they didn’t play the song that got me into them, ”Into The Eye Of The Storm”. But since they entered the stage with ”Death’s Head March”, all hell broke loose.

I wish more fans could be there to honour the group with their presence, but these 100 approximately metalheads, enjoyed this for good, until the last notes of ”Werewolf Corpse” blew up every doubt.

I don’t know if and how soon we’ll see them again. I just know I was happy to be there. One of the most honest concerts I have ever seen.

The setlist was as follows:

01. “Death Head’s March”
02. “Son OF A Jackal”
03. “Slaughtering The Pigs”
04. “Cult Of The Dead”
05. “House Of Possession”
06. “Diabolist”
07. “Bleed For Me”
08. “Pray And Suffer”
09. “The Final Godsend”
10. “Black Wings Of Yog-Sot”
11. “Legion Of The Damned”
12. ”Werewolf Corpse”

Aggelos “Redneck” Katsouras.