Excellence is small enough to describe Ulcerate’s new album “The Destroyers Of All”. Two years after the devastating “Everything Is Fire” they are back again to release a music demon ready to devour our whole existence as human beings.

I have to give credit to Ulcerate due to the fact that, they are one of those bands that take a genre and add their musical identity and taking one step forward. Destroying drums, avant garde guitar riffs, monstrous vocals are the basic ingredients of this album.

Every single song, unleashes chaos, darkness, agony, which are getting stronger and stronger with every song. In my opinion there is not a particular song structure in this album, it could be easily one song. On the other hand, they have achieved a totally new approach to Death Metal that seems to be very successful with this non defining experimental style.

The Deathspell Omega is spirit is here alive and watching. Surely they are inspired them, but not in a negative way (I mean not by creating a copy of them) the just walk in the same path, becoming members of the same family. “The Destroyers Of All” is more than an album. The only certain thing is that it will stick in your head like perseverance. Then your have the following solutions: 1) We you feel deliverance, 2) It will haunt your nightmares 3) It will destroy your mental world and build it up again. Believe me there is no turning back.

Like Bolt Thrower say “Who Dares Wins” and the New Zealanders couldn’t success more. The dared to create this monster and then they took it all simply and completely fair with only one weapon their rhythm section. The atmosphere thickens its getting colder and darker can you stand it? There is only one answer to that LISTEN TO IT!!!

PS: Be carefull, the side effects are unkown!

Track List Line UP

01. Burning Skies
02. Dead Oceans
03. Cold Becoming
04. Beneath
05. The Hollow Idols
06. Omens
07. The Destroyers Of All

Paul Kelland – Bass, Vocals
Jamie Saint Merat – Drums, Percussion
Michael Hoggard – Guitars