There are many thoughts and opinions, dealing with the phenomena of female-fronted metal acts. In most of these releases, really the bands burned themselves out, by coping either themselves from release to release, or coping the “masters” of the genre (The Gathering, Theatre of Tragedy, Nightwish etc.). But there are some bands out there that really stand out by delivering their own sound and artistic view. Ava Inferi happen to be one of those few!

“Onyx” is the third album by this Portugal based band which features Rune Eriksen (Aura Noir) on guitars and the vocal stylings of Carmen Susana Simoes. In an in-depth listening session, you can clearly hear a few progressive metal elements, combined with gothic/doomish sounds. The voice of Carmen really is unique and differently placed into this non-ordinary release. Although, I have to say it doesn’t differ much from their previous releases, somehow it “worked” better and grew faster in me, than their previous albums, which of course is absolutely positive.

In conclusion, I might have to say that if you could have an album of My Dying Bride’s music, blented with Madder Mortem’s technical abilities, in a more direct result then “Onyx” is here for you! This release is surely on top of every female fronted metal band nowdays!

Track List Line UP
01. Onyx
02. The Living End
03. A Portal
04. ((Ghostlights))
05. Majesty
06. The Heathen Island
07. By Candlelight & Mirrors
08. Venice In Fog
João Samora – Drums
Blasphemer (aka Rune Eriksen) – Guitars
Carmen Susana Simões – Vocals
André Sobral – Guitars
Joana Messias – Bass