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I first came across BORGNE when I was looking for Bornyhake the sole member of this Swiss band who helped and contributed in the making of our own black metallers THOU ART LORD and their recent release ‘’Ισόθεος’’. Bornyhake is pretty busy and  deals with a lot of projects and bands such as PURE and ENOID.

BORGNE just signed with ‘‘Those Opposed Records’’ for their release of “Regne Des Morts” an album that is surely their best work so far! Atmospheric black metal with amazing power and   occult sense   in the steps of   old school Norwegian black metal  this album is not to be missed.

Opening track “Void Miasma” puts you immediately in the mood with imposing vocals and raw power in both guitar and drum parts as well as the industrial/keyboard parts played here. We’re dealing with pure black metal and Bornyhake in great performance that rivets you completely!  Lyrics are written by Dirge Rep of ORCUSTUS (ex- Aura Noir, Enslaved, Gehenna).

Second track “Eonious Fovous’’ is probably my favorite song of this year! A twelve minute Epic song written exclusively in Greek Language and performed perfectly it is absolutely breathtaking and shivering, wins my absolute respect! Next we have “When Swans are chocking’’ which takes you into deeper paths and  dark melancholia with  Lady Kaos of  Ipsum playing the keybord parts who participates and in the next song  “Everything is a Fallacy’’ giving a more industrial sound that adds solidness and power combined with  Bornyake’s vocals.

Similar to the previous “Abysmal Existence” is a track to worship. A friendly participation by Spellgoth of Horna in vocals and Hex Inferi in bass parts and of course Lady Kaos in keys makes it absolutely amazing! Next song “Fear” is an example of how black metal is supposed to be played. Last track we have a fifteen minute epitome written in French that ends this album perfectly.

“Regne Des Morts”  is an excellent album that needs to be heard and worshiped for its perfect performance and production surely one of the best albums I’ve heard this year!

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