After the release of a very good album in 2008, “Killing Season”, all of us were looking forward for Death Angel’s new album “Relentless Retribution”.  Mark Oseguada and his company have released only good and perfect (“The Ultra Violence”) albums and “Relentless Retribution” is another pretty good album from those Bay Area thrashers!

After the release of “Killing Season” Andy Galeon who used to play drums in Death Angel since the beginning of the band and Dammy Siosdado that played bass quitted the band and were replaced by

Will Carroll (drums) and Damien Sisson (bass) but the band doesn’t seem badly affected by this change, not at all!

The album is neither amazing nor includes any songs that will re-write history. However it is a very good album with some riffs and songs that make your head band by itself! Mark Oseguada’s voice is in a very good condition, Castevany and Aguilar wrote some killer riffs and the new rhythm section of the band is spitting fire and seems to have been perfectly adjusted in the band. The album has some very good songs like the title track, “River of Rapture”, “I Chose the Sky” and “This Hate” that show that the band is still in a great mood and can still write killer thrash songs, and some others that are not something special but are easy to hear and will make you have fun listening to them. All songs in this record are very energetic, fast and have cohesion between them.

Overall as I said before “Relentless Retribution” is an album that although it doesn’t have something very special in it, it is very energetic, fast and contains some very good songs that most of their fans will probably like. I had the chance to listen some of the songs of this record live in Athens and I can ensure you that they are even better live. I would suggest you to give a chance to this record and you won’t lose!

Track List Line UP
01. Relentless Revolution
02. Claws In So Deep
03. Truce
04. Into The Arms of Righteous Anger
05. River Of Rapture
06. Absence Of Light
07. This Hate
08. Death Of The Meek
09. Opponents At Sides
10. I Chose The Sky
11. Volcanic
12. Where They Lay
Mark Osegueda – vocals
Rob Cavestany – guitars, backing vocals
Ted Aguilar – guitars
Damien Sisson – bass
Will Carroll – drums