Sweden, the country that readjusted the 90s death metal genre. Offering us the unique yet fully recognisable sound, we all are now familiar with… Vomitory; one of the few bands from Sweden, that has not strayed much from this sound throughout the years. Thank Chuck Schuldiner! (Chuck for God)

As the album title states, this is Vomitory’s 8th full length release and it’s pure swedish death metal without “core” or chilly melodies, nor any other kind of bastardising. Pure DEATH METAL; double bass driven mid tempo songs, fast blasting songs, brutal vocals exclusively, guitar riffs mastery and composition mastery. The Slayer spirit alongside with many moments of the tracks. Sick gore atmosphere. VU-meters in red and a pack of tracks destined to moshpit, pushing, hitting everyone in the face, and all similar pleasures of this excellent brutal death metal band. Everything Swedish death metal represented in the mid 90s is here.

WARNING: This is not for those who once burned “In Flames” nor those who did the “Soilwork”. This is for the ones that seeked for the “Morbid Angel” sitting in his “Blood Red Throne” reading your “Obituary” while watching your “Carcass” in “Bloodbath”.

For those who understand, THIS IS BRUTAL DEATH METAL! NO SHIT! 100% PURITY! No one cares if there’s nothing new in it! Just listen and headbang!

Track List Line UP
01. Regorge In The Morgue
02. Bloodstained
03. They Will Burn
04. The Dead Awaken
05. Hate In A Time Of War
06. Torturous Ingenious
07. Forever Damned
08. Shrouded In Darkness
09. Combat Psychosis
10. Requiem For The Fallen
Erik Rundqvist – Bass, Vocals
Tobias Gustafsson – Drums
Peter Östlund – Guitar
Urban Gustafsson – Guitar