There is no need for big intros, prologues etc when talking about Agnostic Front. Everyone knows their contribution to the hardcore scene, and a lot of people (including me) see them as the most influential and original hardcore band. Their last album, Warriors, was very good and all their fans were waiting impatiently for the new album of the band. The album is out, and it’s another very good record from Agnostic Front!

“My Life My Way” is a pure hardcore album, in which you wont find any surprises, but only the music you like to hear from Agnostic Front! The record begins with “City Streets”, a very powerful song that gives you immediately the feeling of the album. We are talking about an album that has great power, energy and purity. All the songs have the ability to make you want to destroy whatever you see in front of you while listening to them in max volume! “My Life My Way” is a very tight and cohesive record, like the ones that the godfathers of NY hardcore have get us used to. Songs like the title track (my favourite in this record), “A Mi Manera”, “Us Against The World” will make the fans of the band happy, because they are proof that Agnostic Front still got it! The sound is very heavy and suits very good to the music.

I had the chance to listen some of the songs of the album live in the concert of the band in Athens and I ensure you that they are even better live; pure energy! Agnostic Front once again released a very good record. I suggest to everyone to give it a try!

Track List Line Up
01. City Streets
02. More than a Memory
03. Us Against the World
04. My Life My Way
05. That’s Life
06. Self Pride
07. Until the Day I Die
08. Now and Forever
09. The Sacrifice
10. A Mi Manera
11. Your Worse Enemy
12. Empty Dreams
13. Time Has Come
Roger Miret – vocals
Vinnie Stigma – guitar
Mike Gallo – bass
Joseph James – guitar
Pokey Mo – drumss