Axiom: 1.a self-evident truth that requires no proof. 2. a universally accepted principle or rule. 3. Logic, Mathematics: a proposition that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying the consequences that follow from it. These are the definitions of what an axiom is about. The new breed in the metal scene called Dephosphorus is the definition of what is made in order to be special, uncompromising, honest and above all: Hungry for creativity. I cannot see things elsewise because they give me the full right to write what is the only truth. And the truth is that these collective gentlemen came to become some of the best companions you could find for the year of 2011. Without even having to try that much to be more direct.

I am in love with some EP’s that have been released throughout the years. This is a good reason to see any EP with positive outlook from the beginning, as they tend to be better than some full length releases in many cases. In the case of this new uniquity, I only feel this is the beginning, where the band prepares the ground for what is about to follow with their upcoming full length album entitled ‘’Night Sky Transform’’ which will surely cause big surprise to the ones unaware of the band so far. What matters now is the ‘’Axiom’’ EP, the first effort of this power trio, with two of the members already having blasted their way with grindcorers Straighthate in the past and the third colleague belonging to the blackened league called Injekting Khaos.

The result is nothing but outstanding and special, as they managed to create a great mixture of black metal atmosphere with grindcore frenzy and ripping vocals to the verge of madness. Seven tracks lasting a little less than twenty minutes. And this is the only negative thing. I say negative because as soon as the EP is over, you get yourself needing some more material. I already crave for the full length to be released, as I believe this is only the spark that lit the fire in their future to come. ‘’Collimator’’ which opens the album leaves no room for relaxation, leaving you in a state of shock, just before ‘’Continuum’’ takes over and stops even before it begins, being the shortest of the seven tracks (these two could easily be one, they fit perfectly to each other).

‘’Dephosphorus’’ and ‘’Indulge Me In Silence’’ (the longest track of the EP) prepare the ground for what follows, which is the highlight of this release. The finishing trio starting with ‘’On The Verge Of An Occurence’’ (the best track in my opinion, combining Thorns with Napalm Death plus a Voivod touch in it), continuing with ‘’Knife Missile’’ and ending with ‘’The Long Crossing’’ is the best proof why this gatefold 12’’ MLP release must enter your home as soon as possible. It is also amazing the fact that this material has been recorded over a year ago and it sounds as if it is recorded…tomorrow! The production is as clean and dirty it needs in combination to be acknowledged as a plus to their sound and it surely gets you inside the alien atmosphere the want to create.

Adding the facts of the allegorical alien lyrical concept, the divine artwork (especially the ones who will get the vinyl will be astonished by the Axiom tower on the inlay) and the feeling  that this band has a certain vision that can only lead to special and pleasant suprises, we can’t help but saying that Dephosphorus will surely be one of the future elite bands in the extreme scene. They have all it takes to achive this. Great lyrics, blasting music, outer spaced vocals, special sound and above all: Identity! They are described as astral grind. It’s all lies, it’s more than astral, it’s universal.  I shall leave the last words to the final line of ‘’Collimator’’ just to show you what we are talking about: WHOEVER HEARD OF A MORTAL BODY HAVING AN IMMORTAL SOUL?

Track List Line Up
04.Indulge Me In Silence
05.On The Verge Of An Occurence
06.Knife Missile
07.The Long Crossing
Thanos Mantas – Guitars
Panos Agoros – Vocals
Nikos Megariotis – Drums, Backing Vocals