After trying to recover from last year’s ”Axiom” EP and seeing that the band would surely offer me a true masterpiece through the two splits with Wake and Great Falls some months ago, the best album I’ve listened the last three/four months is finally released. The first full length of the power trio is called ”Night Sky Transform” and an ongoing astral projection is open in front of everyone, to witness, feel and eventually become one with it. The members knew they had created something unique and the only thing remaining was for the rest of us to listen. In the end, I think that what they claimed was not the whole truth.

Even if you know the value of your creation, you may not be as enthusiastic as you should. If they truly knew what they had done, they would shout it out loud as fuck. Humbly enough, they waited to release it the right time (the compositions were already written the time ”Axiom” was released). Still a year after, ”Night Sky Transform” is even more fresh and challenging than ”Axiom”, it is better in all forms, it manages to elude obstacles in untrained years, it slithers in all shapes and becomes a gargantuan beast that swallows everything and everyone as it floats in the deep vast space untouched by other possible phenomena.

Sure enough for their material, the band had already streamed ”Uncharted” and ”Cold Omen”, the album’s blasting double opening. Unable to resist the claustrophobic atmosphere, you will find yourself captive of an extra-terrestial alien force for the next 31 minutes. It doesn’t last that long (which is actually the only drawback for me) but it will choke you quite enough just to let you breathe a little and then by repeating the same procedure, you end up being a mass with no will and understanding, simply obeying the likes of the next tracks until the end and so on and on and on. Surprises occur and they are not a few to cope with.

I will mention Voivod once again on the title track which brings up Piggy’s great composition skills (he’d surely be proud of the guys in this one). Guitarist Thanos Mantas uses his haunting and perfectly fitting voice on the brilliant ”The Fermi Paradox” and I already think of him in future surprises like this one. Some things you just can’t enjoy only once. Panos uses his throat in all excessive forms he must to make the result sound even more alien and his more mature performance compared to ”Axiom” can’t prevent you from thinking he’s turning red while he’s screaming his guts out. Nikos tortures the drums and he holds the rhythm when the atmosphere must become a little more unaccesible for other forms of life in the Dephosphorus realm.

Become one with the screams of  ”Identifying The Encapsulator”, die a thousand times and live again on ”Unconscious Excursion”, praise Aurora, goddess of dawn in the Roman Mythology on the final and longest track, for Dephosphorus bring the light in the endless darkness of space. Like a supernova, they explode and leave only a bright sparkle up in the distant sky. It looks like something natural but it’s not. It needs skill, experience and dedication. The band has all of them and will continue surprising us in the near future. Just a step away from pure perfection, ”Night Sky Transform” is one of the ten best albums you will listen in 2012. Recommended even to non extreme music lovers. This album must be heard by everyone!

Track List Line Up
01. Uncharted
02. Cold Omen
03. Starless
04. Night Sky Transform
05. The Fermi Paradox
06. The Astral Putsch I: Plateau Of Initiation
07. Identifying The Encapsulator
08. The Astral Putsch II: Array Of Truth
09. Uncoscious Excursion (The Hidden Galactic Truth And A Sphere Full Of Sorcerous Solutions)
10. Aurora
Nikos Megariotis – Drums
Thanos Mantas – Guitars, Bass, Songwriting, Vocals on ”The Fermi Paradox”
Panos Agoros – Vocals, Lyrics