Here’s what comes released, when you happen to come back in the state of your mind, that’s well carved in the way you express, the way you address, in the way you grew. In this apparent occasion, Vallenfyre spit out death metal the old school way, and they do so effortlessly as the ones expressing themselves here are not quite unknown.

As many of you might have noticed, Vallenfyre’s line-up consists of Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) on Vocals and Lead Guitars, Hamish Glencross (My Dying Bride) on Rhythm/ Lead Guitars, Adrian Erlandsson (Paradise Lost) on Drums and two friend of theirs, on bass Scoot and Mully on Rhythm Guitars. As you can all assume, here’s a meeting of some of the strongest represantatives of the British Death metal roots and extentively the first European Death Metal movement back in the early 90s, that fired up many original and innovative genres, of what is called extreme music, even nowadays.

Some of you might guess, that this might be another way for Greg and Hamish, to play a more extreme version of what their bands are known of and that is Doom/Death metal of early 90s. Well if so, I believe you’re totally mistaken, as here you’ll hear a great mixture of Early 90s Swedish Death Metal, in the likes of Entombed, Hypocrisy, Nihilist etc. Combined with early Doomish atmosphere of the early 90’s Unholy Trinity of Britain “Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Anathema”.

A back to the roots effort, that still contains the trademark Greg leads, the trademark Swedish drumming and of course, in many times, the doomy atmosphere and riffology of the rotten debuts of each member’s original band. On the other hand, Greg’s brutal voice is more than a surprise to everyone hearing this, knowing that even now he never attempted singing even the backing vocals to his original band Paradise Lost.

The guitar sound and the overall production as you might have questioned yourself, also looks back to the none so well polished results of today, although, I must admit if it was even more loose the result would sound even more original…But in case you already liked this sound then you won’t be dissapointed.

“A Fragile King” from Vallenfyre is a nice record of early European death metal, that will force you to listen to some old records, and if you haven’t ever listened to this era of Death Metal, probably will suggest a good starting point as a reminder of it…Enjoy!!!

Track List Line Up

01. All Will Suffer
02. Desecration
03. Ravenous Whore
04. Cathedrals of Dread
05. As the World Collapses
06. A Thousand Martyrs
07. Seeds
08. Humanity Wept
09. My Black Siberia
10. The Divine Have Fled
11. The Grim Irony

Scoot – Bass
Adrian Erlandsson – Drums
Hamish Glencross – Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Mully – Rhythm Guitars
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