A new come back from the German power metalers Primal Fear with their new album which called ”Unbreakable”. It’s the ninth studio album which was released in 20 January of 2012 and recorded at House Of Music studios in Winterbach, Germany and of course the production came from Mat Sinner. Primal fear raised the bar with their previous album which managed to become their second highest position in the German chats and reached the number 46.

After all, the expectations from the band are higher than ever and all the fans wait for more than a remarkable album. So happened with the new album which is full of heavy metal, without any compromises and it comes for all the fans. The album has a tendency going back to the roots, with heavy and speed riffs and the lovely vocals of Ralf Scheepers and I think that is has a clean and full of quality sound which makes it perfect.

I must mention the skills of guitarists Alex Beyrodt (Voodoo Circle, Sinner, Silent Force) and Magnus Karlsson, whose flashy solos and dominating riffs and melodies filled the album and while you listen to the album, you will understand that they have high spirits and appetite for good work. The album has amazing songs like “Strike” and “Give’em Hell “ and the super hit of the album “Bad Guys Silence“ which is also the first video clip for this album and I will say that it’s not an experimental album but a album with great songs. I should also point out that the second part of the album is more aggressive and heavy than the first, which has good songs but nothing more interesting compared to the second half.

I was never been a big fan of the band but I respect the voice of Scheepers and the classic heavy power metal that he creates, because we talk about an amazing album which will be greeted from all the true fans. A special mention should be made for Ralf Scheepers who left the year giving us a very good personal album, while continuing its high performance and Primal Fear.

In conclusion this is just an amazing album, they play true and honest metal in their own exceptional way with catchy choruses, great riffs, attacking drums and powerful vocals. Ultimately, I do not think anyone will be left disappointed by Primal Fear. They decided to give an album worthy of their past and they did it with great ease! A very good suggestion to start in 2012.

Track List Line Up
01. Undreakable ( Part 1)
02. Strike
03. Give Em Hell
04. Bad Guys Wear Black
05. And There Was Silence
06. Metal Nation
07. Where Angels Die
08. Undreakable (Part 2)
09. Marching Again
10. Born Again
11. Blaze Of Glory
12. Conviction
13. Night Of The Jumps
Ralf Scheepers – lead vocals
Randy Black – drums
Magnus Karlsson – guitars , keyboards
Mat Sinner – bass , backing vocals
Alex Beyrodt – guitars
Oliver Hartmann – backing vocals
Erik Martensson – backing vocals