After her long -term and successful career with The Gathering, the beautiful Dutch Anneke van Giersbergen and her band, return after three years with her successful second solo album “In Your Room“ (2009), with a new album which is called “Everything Is Changing“.The album and the songs are written and recorded in her personal Ultrasound Studios and the production came from her and Daniel Gardoso, the new keyboardist of Anathema .

The pattern of her songs is known for all of us, alternative pop / rock music and her great voice makes people get paralyzed. The album is different compared to the other albums and it has a dark atmosphere in all the twelve songs, giving me some images of a beautiful and relaxing journey for about 50 minutes. Everything Is Changing” is nothing less but a step forward to what I described above. An album easy to listen to, yet so difficult. You let it play and your dreams are traveling you somewhere else.

It will be hard to remember a song as the travel ends a bit later, because she hasn’t hit songs in this album, only the song “My Boy” is the exception, a masterpiece and one of the best song she’s ever done throughout her solo career. Generally, ”Everything Is Changing” shows how much Anneke has matured through the years since the release of her first solo album ”Air” (2007). It’s a very tight and honest album, with incredible character and composition of her lovely voice.

Track List Line Up
01. Feel Alive
02. You Want To Be Free
03. Everything Is Changing
04. Take Me Home
05. I Wake Up
06. Circles
07. My Boy
08. Stay
09. Hope, Pray, Dance, Play
10. Slow Me Down
11. Too Late
12. 1000 Miles Away From You
Anneke van Giersbergen – vocals ,piano
Joris Dirks – guitars , vocals
Ron Snijders – drums
Jaxques de Haard – bass