CBP are a big multi musical and multi faced band from the UK, with many different musical directions and a back catalogue quite versatile and interesting. Mostly under the tag of post- rock and ambient, they’ve made their way to their fourth full length entitled “(Mankind) The Crafty Ape” and they really made it insanely perfect!

-On a 14 track music odyssey this eight member band actually managed to mix music elements and influences in a prototype of courage way and sowing they have the guts to do so!!! Built around a lyrical concept, this masterpiece contains influences from 70s progressive rock art, the uber post metal of our days to the 60s blues and some funky elements…most of all under the veil of Pink Floyd’s watching eye! The constraction of music and the lyrical concept and its ways of unfolding in and out of music really reminds me of albums like “Dark Side of The Moon” and “The Wall” not just because of the music but also for the theatrical element that is present almost everywhere! Finally I shouldn’t let out the big and long instrumental parts that take part here and there through the entire album and make th sound even more pleasing and unique! From folk instruments, to country passages, to string quartets and melodies at their highest and most obscure marriage!

Of course, everything brought to the nowdays music industry, as far as the production and the sound is concerned. A wide open and loudly fresh sounding mix with everything easily recognised and very pleasing to the ears!

As for the lyrical concept, I cannot say more than what the band themsleves has explained with the next few lines:

“The thematic focus for this album is firmly planted in the corruption of mankind and injustice, but also ultimately in the hope that all is not lost, and that there’s a common thread connecting people of like-minds wherever you may travel. The music and themes have been created as to represent the world inside and outside of the mind, with no compromise.”

Brilliant, excellent and very highly polished work from a band that actually works differently than others in this genre of prog rock/metal. One of the highlights for year 2012 so far, go check them out now!

Track List Line Up
01. Nothing (We Are…)
02. The Heart of Every Country
03. Get Down and Live With It
04. (In the Yonder Marsh
05. A Letter Concerning Dogheads
06. The Brain / Poznan
07. Laying Traps
08. Born in a Hurricane
09. Release the Clowns
10. What?
11. Suggestion (Not a Very Nice One)
12. (Dig, Bury, Deny)
13. Operation Mincemeat
14. We Will Never Get Out This World Alive
15. Faced With Complete Failure, Utter Defiance Is the Only Response
Justin Greaves – electric guitar, drums, saw, keyboard, acoustic guitar, banjo, effects, samples
Karl Demata – electric guitar, dobro, slide guitar
Christian Heilmann – bass guitar
Mark Furnevall – synthesizer, keyboard
Mark Ophidian – synthesizer, keyboard
Miriam Wolf – piano, vocals
Ben Wilsker – drums
Matt Simpkin – vocals