CBP from the UK, strike back a few months after their remarkable 10/10 full length “Mankind , The Crafty Ape” which was introduced to us in the begining of this year. But do not worry, because CBP seem to have found their sound and despite the frail thoughts some of us might have had about them releasing new material within the same year, nothing in here lacks importance or profession.

Having as a starting point their undeniable roots to post rock elements CBP give a kickstart to their sound and their tunes just unveil through repetition and massive layers of instrumental melodies and music themes that it’s way too difficult to keep in memory. Although they happen to do it that easy listening that thay seem to follow one each other in complete harmony.

As did “Mankind..” a few months ago, so does this almost 50 minute EP, exploring the territories of post rock/ metal sounds through the almost obsessive Pink floyd prisma of interpretation.
-But don’t be mistaken! CBP just use their influences to write music through them and not by copying them. I could also say that some 60s vide has its ghost throughout the entire EP. A few extra choruses here and there and this nostalgia of proto –prog vastness quite make this release even more interesting because it really combines these influences by using them for their sound which can’t be described more than updated and renowned!!!

Quite melancholic and experimental “No Sadness…” sounds exactly as the impressive follow up release for “Mankind…” should sound!!!It is complete, stands out for itself and has its own character which happens to be the Crippled Black Phoenix music element. I am really amazed by them. A few years back and I really couldn’t stand out anything special for their releases…Now they happen to be ideal!!!That’s a really good reason for all of you to go check them out if you’re into atmospheric/post rock. For the rest of you here you’ll find a sound never heard before and this could be your chance to start exploring the huge open minded sound of post rock/metal…Take your chances!!!Listen to Crippled Black Phoenix!!!

Track List Line Up
01.How We Rock
02.Hold On (so goodbye to all of that)
03.What have we got to lose?
04.One armed boxer
05.Jonestown Martin
06.Long live independence
Justin Greaves – electric guitar, drums, saw, keyboard, acoustic guitar, banjo, effects, samples
Karl Demata – electric guitar, dobro, slide guitar
Christian Heilmann – bass guitar
Mark Furnevall – synthesizer, keyboard
Mark Ophidian – synthesizer, keyboard
Miriam Wolf – piano, vocals
Ben Wilsker – drums
Matt Simpkin – vocals