Job For A Cowboy is a band that formed in the end of 2003 and their debut album was out in 2007. They have released three albums and their latest work is “Demonocracy”. There has been a lot of talking around them especially because they started as a deathcore band. Although I don’t agree with this statement I believe that their latest release proves most of the accusers wrong. The core components in their previous albums were few and in “Demonocracy” we have none. Instead “Demonocracy” is a straight in your face and well played death metal CD.

These five cowboys from Arizona give us a death metal album with a bit of technical approach that doesn’t claim any originality. Yet the CD from right the start till the very end is an enjoyable and neck wrecking death metal mix. I do use many times the definition of death metal so that nobody gets confused. This is how a death metal album sounds.

I want to start and mention the great work that the guitarists have done in the album. Well played, interesting riffs and excellent composed solos. The duo that had the responsibility of the characteristic sound did a very good job. Their productive results did bore fruit. The technical approach I aforementioned, I believe that it was a consequence of the addition in the line-up of Nick Schendzielos on the bass; without any hint for the skills of both the guitarists. The bassist, whom the work you can listen to the latest two albums of Cephalic Carnage, is experienced and give his own touch in the sound of “Demonocracy”. The bass is there and you can distinguish it from miles away. It is not just giving the boost that a death metal CD need, but the lines of it are as clean and sinister as a demon washed in holy water.

And then there are the vocals of the only remained founding member. This is Jonny Davy. His vocals are truly from an outer world. The diversity of his vocal chords, you can hear it also on the previous albums. But on “Demonocracy” we have a straight out of hell performance from Davy. The shrieks and the growls alternate with such ease that my ears could understand immediately what happened.

The whole produce of this album is really solid and tied up that is truly bliss listening to. Most of you would say that “Demonocracy” is just a mediocre death metal CD. I would agree with you, but I have a different opinion. This job was indeed for those cowboys.

Track List Line Up
01. Children Of Deceit
02. Nourishment Through Bloodshed
03. Imperium Wolves
04. Tongueless And Bound
05. Black Discharge
06. The Manipulation Stream
07. The Deity Misconception
08. Fearmonger
09. Tarnished Gluttony
Jonny Davy – Vocals
Jon “The Charn” Rice – Drums
Alan Glassman – Guitars
Tony Sannicandro – Guitars
Nick Schendzielos – Bass