[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 9
Label: Southern Lord
Website: Link
Author: Andrew Koran[/colored_box]

Pelican from Chicago, USA have been on the run since 2001 delivering beautiful, vast and colourful music landscapes. After 4 full lengths and another whole pack of eps and other releases, they’re here once again with their latest album “Forever Becoming”.

For those who happen to know what Pelican are all about and keep an update, to what these guys have been releasing lately, this album might sound a bit of a surprise -a happy one- since “Forever Becoming” sounds as a perfect turn back on their back catalogue, when their sound wasn’t entirely strained from their metal roots!

Here, you will listen good old Pelican , with not much electronics or happy melodies interrupting your heavy journey! As I referred to them in the first lines of this review, their muddy, rocky beats and their desert instrumental sound, accompanied with their music explosions and the sense of freshness you always get by their songs is once again present!

Everything is back and it seems it took them a while to realise the importance of hearing what the once sounded and try to deliver this solid thing into their current sound! To say the truth, I really find their every release interesting, as far as sound and storytelling through music, is concerned. I could say they seemed to have everything settled as far as sound aesthetics and sound design are concerned as well! On “Forever Becoming” really everything seem to be back in place and the record flows so fast and beautifully, that you can’t escape a second or third listening session one after the other!

Beautiful and flowing music from the genre’s masters! Instrumental post metal for the masses it is! Enjoy responsibly!

Track List Line Up
01. Terminal
02. Deny the Absolute
03. The Tundra
04. Immutable Dusk
05. Threnody
06. The Cliff
07. Vestiges
08. Perpetual Dawn
Chris Common – mellotron, drums, piano
Bruce Lamont – baritone sax