I can’t get what is wrong with that band. Its their third album in row that is amazing as much as the others, or maybe better I am not so sure. Gojira is a heavy metal band that is creative as hell and that’s something that is really hard for a musician. There are many examples out there about bands that left out without ideas and Gojira seems that they won’t be one of them. As a musician myself, that creativity is something that I both admire and envy because we can find that lack of creativity easier than Justin Bieber’s face on a teen magazine!

Reviewing that album took me a lot of time because I’ve been trying to find something wrong in it and… I couldn’t! First track “Explosia” gave me a great mix of technical dumming, high sounded guitars and bass, great vocals and perfect sound. There are multiple songs in that album that I could pick as a personal favorite but I still can’t choose a specific one but, if I have to, I would pick “Mouth of Kala” which is, in my opinion, all that we would be expecting to hear from Gojira: technical drumming, melancholic riffs and lyrics and a proper bass line following the masterpiece. Hearing the double bass fading along with the other instruments is a plus on that song which gives you a great feeling. There is also an instrumental track “The Wild Heater” which is melodic and peacefull. Right away you get the storm named “Planned Obsolescence” fast in the begginig and mid-tempoed after. “L’enfant Sauvage” ends with a mid tempo song “The Fall” which is a great way to close that album. All of you that you ain’t Gojira fans you should just listen to that song or “The Gift of Guilt”, another piece of the Masterpiece: melodic, groovy and fast as well, something that Gojira are master at!

There are two versions of “L’enfant sauvage”, the standar one with 11 tracks and a double bonus track one with two extra songs “This Emptiness” and “My Last Creation” both great songs!

I really cant see anything wrong with that album and I am really happy to see bands like Gojira creating masterpieces in row and as a listener getting rewarded with such great songs. I am pretty sure that in 10 or 20 years we would be talkin about “L’enfant Sauvage” and Gojira’s deeds in the whole metal scene. They really left something in our favorite music and I am pretty sure that they would be proud of it. Trust me and get L’enfant sauvage you won’t regret it at all!