Overkill are one of the most influencial thrash bands of all time, they have released great records and they have made thousands of people headbang with their music. Their previous album that was released in 2010, “Ironbound”, left great impressions to the fans, and their new album, “The Electric Age”, is so good that you can say that the band passes a second youth!

The album starts with “Come And Get It”, a song that prepares you for what you are going to hear. Pure thrash that puts a huge smile in your face from the first moment! “The Electric Age” is an album that has mostly fast tracks, but its mid-tempo moments are also brilliant. The record is full of energy, passion and power. In here you will listen to some amazing guitar work, great drumming, and of course the vocals of one of the most special voices in thrash metal. Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth did once again great work and proved that he’s still got it. There is no filler song in this album, no moments of boring music. The album captures your interest from the beginning and increases it with every track. “Save Yourself”, “Drop The Hammer Down”, “Electric Rattlesnake” and “Come And Get It” are my favourite tracks of the album. The old-school feeling is here and it is obvious in almost every track. The sound of the album is very good and clean.

Overall, “The Electric Age” is an album that shows that if you love what you do, age, time and difficulties can not harm you. Many bands create very good albums, that we listen, we admit that they are good, and then we continue listening only to their old stuff. That is not going to happen with “The Electric Age”!