The musical genius’s name is Tony Kakko. He is the one who managed to make all the people talk about his band. He writes all the songs and lyrics and the way he sees the music is really unique; he sees music as an identity and not like small pieces. And I am sure he has a big poster of Queen in his room and says one day I will get this big. So it’s time for reward. After the amazing reckoning year in 2004, now 8 years later Sonata Artica comes with a new album named “Stones Grow Her Name” with a their own Queen stamp.

The opener of the album “Only The Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)” is a hard rock song with pop elements and plenty of Queen inspirations. The theme on the guitar is awesome with great tone melody and technique. The next track “Shitload o’ Money” is a little bit of everything; rock, glam, lyrical, disco, symphonic. This is the musical geniality of Tony Kakko.

“Somewhere Close To You” has some great dynamic guitars and complicated themes and with a chorus fit for Eurovision, but the melody is so great that you don’t mind. The first single and video of the album is “I Have A Right”. The beginning and chorus have such a great melody that it sticks immediately in your head and you want to listen to it over and over again. The lyrics of the song explain the rights that the children have or should have.
Continuing the mid tempo songs with “Alone In Heaven”, nice chorus, many second vocals and acoustic guitar beside the electric guitar.
Then we have “Cinderbox” with a country intro, humba elements and with violin and banjo playing.
“Don’t Be Mean” is again a ballad, not the best we’ve heard from the band but still great.
“Wildfire” is a 10 minute folk song, continuing from the first part from “Reckoning Night” with again banjo and violin playing pop background and many rhythmic changes.

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