After five long years since their last album, “Dead Reckoning“, Great Britain’s Threshold are at last back with their ninth studio album “March Of Progress“, one of the best progressive metal albums of this year.

Many things have changed in the band through these years, with Andrew “Mac” McDermott leaving the band before the “Dead Reckoning Tour”, and suddenly died last year. Both former vocalists Damian Wilson and Glynn Morgan offered to help Threshold on the tour. Damian then rejoined the band permanently. Pete Morten (Power Quest) was also added on rhythm guitars.

Despite these changes they return to claim their position in the progressive metal scene. And they succeed it, with an album fresh and musically mature, which manages to maintain elements from their whole discography combined with their long-time experience and today’s prog sound. You can notice that from the very first song of the album, “Ashes”, which was instantly made one of my favourites. Melodic vocal lines are heavenly especially in songs like “Colophon”. Damian Wilson puts his heart and soul through the record, sounding better than ever combining perfect with the band’s backing vocals. “Don’t Look Down” and “Return Of The Thought Police” are good examples.

At this point, I would like to mention the outstanding performance of Mr. Johanne James, who is many times playing simple but smart rhythms, and other times sets the drumset on fire. Hats off! Steve Anderson completes the rhythm section, filling the sound of the band in the best possible way with his bass. Great work has been done on the guitars too, where Pete Morten has written some really heavy riffs on rhythm guitars and Karl Groom on lead, playing slower solos like “Liberty, Complacency, Dependency” and “That’s Why we Come”, or more technical like “Staring At The Sun” and “Coda”.

Last but not least, Richard West with his magical keyboard sounds creates an atmosphere throughout the album. Check him out on ‘The Hours’. Extra attention should be paid to the incredible production Karl Groom and Richard West did on the album. Now, every progressive band that has enough self-respect must include a long-length epic kinda song in their albums. In this occasion, it’s the last song “The Rubicon”, a 10 minute epic masterpiece, which i think that represents the sound of Threshold, melodic, lyrical, emotional, heavy when needed and technically flawless. Limited digipack edition of “March Of Progress” includes one bonus track called “Divinity”.

Almost 70 minutes after the first note my mind is full of beautiful melodies and almost unconsciously I push the repeat button. So, if you are progressive metal freak, i would suggest you to make a favor to yourself and go buy this album. I think the quality will leave you breathless.

Track List Line Up
01. Ashes
02. Return Of The Thought Police
03. Staring At The Sun
04. Liberty, Complacency, Dependency
05. Colophon
06. The Hours
07. That’s Why We Come
08. Don’t Look Down
09. Coda
10. The Rubicon
Karl Groom – Guitars (Lead)
Richard West – Keyboards
Damian Wilson – Vocals)
Johanne James – Drums
Steve Anderson – Bass
Pete Morten – Guitars (Rhythm)