Ok guys I believe everyone by now know who Mr. Travis Ryan is. The singer of Cattle Decapitation is a superstar among the death/grind metal community nowadays. “Murder Construct” is another project of Mr. Ryan and they have been around for nearly a decade now. Some of the other members are also well known. One is the guitarist and the other the drummer, Leon Del Müerte and Danny Walker respectively. The first one is still working with Exhumed and the other one have been working with the same band some years ago.

A couple of years before we finally get to listen their debut self titled EP. And it was really a blast. The continuation of the band didn’t have what I personally expect of them. It is still the same grindcore we all love but the sound is cleaner than it was on the EP. I prefer the raw sound of it better. It was more Carcass-y if you may. With this production there are many similarities with the main band of Travis Ryan, Cattle Decapitation; if you put away the progressive elements of them.

Don’t get me wrong I love Cattle Decapitation, but this project with this sound seems pointless for Travis Ryan. The difference and what I really love about Murder Construct is their crusty and D-Beat rhythms. The drumming of Mr. Danny Walker is phenomenal, blasting the shit out of your ears with grind and D-Beat influenced rhythms. With that being said, it is easily understood that the tempo of this album is as high as it can be. There are some parts of mid-tempo, and they are there to fill in perfectly as bridges on some tracks. Especially on the last song “Resultados”, which duration breaks the barrier of three minutes by another three!

The guitar work is as typical as it can get for a grindcore release. There are two good things for the guitars and one is their sound. They are cleaner still than the EP’s but they keep the Carcass feeling I mentioned above. The other one is the amazing composed solos. The bass is the favored of the clean production. You can distinguish it easily and the parts where it leads are indeed well played and brutal. And then what it is there left to say about the vocal capacity of Travis Ryan. The growls and his trademark shrieks are here as well. You couldn’t expect something less of this guy. He is great as always.

So in conclusion I must say that, though the clean production, Murder Construct deliver us a great brutal CD to bang your head on.

Track List Line Up
01. Red All Over
02. Under The Weight Of The Wood
03. No Question, No Comment
04. Gold Digger
05. Compelled By Mediocrity
06. The Next Life
07. Dead Hope
08. Feign Ignorance
09. Mercy, Mercy
10. Malicious Guilt
11. Reultados
Travis Ryan – Vocals
Leon Del Müerte – Guitars, Vocals
Caleb Schneider – Bass
Danny Walker – Drums
Kevin Fetus – Guitars