If we assume that we don’t know the band called Memorain and that we have never listened to then before, aren’t you however surprised that this band would have such good names of musicians? I specially search and listen to the band in which Hoglan and DiGiorgio play and memories came to mind from the album ”Individual Thought Patterns”by Death. Right now we have 2012 and Ilias Papadakis calls Chris Valagao on vocals, Ralph Santolla on guitars, Steve DiGiorgio on bass and Gene Hoglan on the drums.

The title of the album is ”Evolution” and the inside of the album may not be magic, but offers a lot to the listeners of heavy riffing music. Just by reading the namesof the album’s players, you understand that something serious is happening here and naturally creates some similar musical aspirations. The “Evolution” comes to confirm in many parts all these expectations.

The album is characterized by excessive force, slapdash pace and excellent technique by the quintet and by the very important guests. Although the dream team band manages to provide heavy and dirty heavy metal, there are some guests that raise even more the technical level. Thus, David Ellefson (Megadeth), Tim” Ripper “Owens (ex Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Malmsteen), Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Christian Wentz (Circle II Circle, Future’s End), Marc Pattison (Future’s End), Laura Christine (Meldrum) and Carlos E. Perez come and they put the stone in some parts of the album. Such aspects in an album do not meet often, so solos in every song create something so skillfull alongside some great vocal performances. But even at points not pointful, their presence is so strong and imposing.

The album, in my opinion has a drawback, meaning some parts of it are so tedious and recurrent which lose the magic and are tiring the listener. The album is not bad by any sense, like I said it’s heavy to the bone, combining classic metal structures crafted with modern elements, even from grunge and nu metal, but the songs did not have the ability to stick to your mind.

You may admire the incredible technical ability of the musicians and enjoy some very imaginative ideas for guitar melodies and if someone is looking for something more “fun” and catchy rather not thrilled, will be very satisfied, despite some not so bright ideas here and there.

Track List Line Up
01. Nations On Fire
02. Where Hate Lies
03. The Breaki
04 .Circle
05. Misery
06. Rules Of Engagment
07. Death Shop
08. Destiny Found
09. A New Era
10. Power Out
11. Scrathcing The Surface
12. Methods Of The Past
Steve DiGiorgio – Bass
Chris Valagao – Vocals
Ilias Papadakis – Guitars
Ralph Santolla – Guitars
Gene Hoglan – Drums