Pig Destroyer are back with a full length album after five years. They do not actually record albums year by year and when they do they have something good to say. And to prologue this review I must say that this is pure grindcore and I should give you some history facts about the great band Pig Destroyer. They do not record bass guitar and there is no bass guitar player in their line-up cause the more people in a band, more the problems and complexities; according to them. The name of the band had come up after their search for the most absurd punk rock name they could imagine. The other names that were discarded were Cop Killer and Cop Destroyer. For the obvious reasons you may think.

To comment the released album now, there are not many things you could say to describe the music of Pig Destroyer. What you can listen of them is simply grindcore at its best. Nothing more, nothing less. You can find the typical less than minute tracks of grindcore and then again the “appropriate” songs of three minutes duration. And the music Pig Destroyer do produce is one hundred percent authentic and straight in your face. Even if the songs exceed the barrier of the three minutes. The speed is in the red section of any speedometer and the riffs are as dirty as they can get. The cuttings are present, so that they increase your excitement as every second passes.

If you are expecting a clean or well-polished production, you better stay away. This is grindcore and whenever grindcore tries a clean production it feels like a fake one. The guitar work is excellent and dirty enough so the absence of bass lines filled perfectly.

The highlight of the CD is the vocals of JR Hayes. They fit in the music like a glove. They are sick enough and well timed on the riffs. And by sick I mean they are really disturbing most of the time. That is a trademark of Pig Destroyer. How could the screams not be as sick as that when they recount so disturbing issues of the American – and not only – everyday life? “Baltimore Strangler”, “Book Burner”, “The Diplomat” and many more – probably all the songs – could ensure you for what I am talking about.

Pig Destroyer are here again and this release is truly a punch in the stomach for all of us. What else would you expect from the pride of Washington D.C.?

Track List Line Up
01. Sis
02. The American’s Head
03. The Underground Man
04. Eve
05. The Diplomat
06. All Seeing Eye
07. Valley Of The Geysers
08. Book Burner
09. Machiavellian
10. Baltimore Strangler
11. White Lady
12. The Bug
13. Iron Drunk
14. Burning Palm
15. Dirty Knife
16. Totaled
17. Kamikaze Heart
18. Kings Of Clubs
19. Permanent Funeral
J.R. Hayes – Vocals
Scott Hull – Guitars
Adam Jarvis – Drums
Blake Harrison – Noise, Samples