It’s rather impossible to think that you will hear a Colour Haze album without expecting a musical journey with fully inspirational composition. And when you have a new release at your door after a four year absence, you can only expect another trip to hidden universes. Especially with a band which has been consistent in their line-up since 1998 and now with a history of ten album releases. One of the stronger and valorous group foundation in the psychedelic stoner scene.

Between All” and “She Said” four years have passed, a long period in which Colour Haze were eager to realize an album ambitious enough and with a fertile constitution. We could have “She Said” sooner if a unlucky event didn’t force the band to start from zero and record for the second time the album and from 2010 to 2012 their recording studio has been in a full working process.

And finally all this waiting hasn’t been in vain as the final result is entirely matchable to the expectations. Releasing a double album the first part consist of 3 tracks. With two of them approximately twenty-minute length, the composition are altering between rich and calm interludes and strong heavy and psychedelic explosions all with the Colour Haze sound of their previous release All. The second part is more “earthly” with flat but not average, hard composition, still possessing tripping passages.
In “She Said”, the whole band gives to the guitar a free roaming along the music track, which provide ambient slow notes to begin slowly rising in power and vitality. In general “She Said” and “Transformation” have all the variations and inspiration in their riffs, keeping their pure stoner sound and flirting in parallel with jazz-latin sounds close to Santana’s psychedelia.

Of course She Said is not a surprise as I said from the famous stoner band from Germany but they clearly rise up their standards and make a progression in every step they make. They continue to amaze as and travel us to unknown universes. Thank you gentlemen!

Track List Line Up
1a. She Said
2a. This
3a. Transformation
1b. Breathe
2b. Slowdown
3b. Stand In…
4b. Rite
5b. Grace
Stefan Koglek: guitar, vocals
Philipp Rasthofer: bass
Manfred Merwald: drums