Five and a half years after their longest playing double album ”Given To The Rising”, Oakland based Californian Neurosis return to show everyone the terms of how less can become more and how simplicity always conquers any possible complexity in music. After taking parts in various projects and solo albums, the six gentlemen gathered without any rush to create the eleventh full-length album of the band, which was rather anticipated. You see, Neurosis have managed to create a large fan base and even those not liking their music have shown their respect to the pioneering Americans who have been so influential to other genres in a way that many bands could only dream of.

In 2012 Neurosis chose to sound as simple and slow as it gets, this minimal approach to their material has its cost for both the band and the fans. The band plays as always like putting itself inside the compositions. Each member seems to get redeemed and passing through absolution for about an hour which the album lasts. Seven tracks starting with ”We All Rage In Blood” setting the tone, mid-tempo to slow rhythms, changes in the vocals betweeen Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till where needed, tribal drum tones, ambient sounds on the keyboards and the right dose of riffs are the main incredients of this new release from the Californians.

The two long tracks that follow prove that the band will always offer something special and haunting. ”At The Well” gets deep in your veins especially when the cry ”In the Shadow World” is repeated over and over again, while ”My Heart For Deliverance” which is the longest track, reminds a bit of the three previous albums (‘‘A Sun That Never Sets”, ”The Eye Of Every Storm” and ”Given To The Rising”) but also proves that they can change their sound quite a bit, so that they will be able to claim that they gave once more a very special album.

Bleeding The Pigs” crawls itself inside your brain, and ”Casting Of The Ages” sounds a lot like the other two long songs mentioned above, the ending of the album with ”All Is Found…In Time” and mainly with ”Raise The Dawn” offer a quite apocalyptic and self cleansing result. Neurosis is a group whose importance is acknowledged by everyone but still, all their fans always discover something new and great every day that they get connected with them. It’s a case where music is not the primary reason to like a band, Neurosis are known to create millions of feelings which would need five tributes to analyse further and deeper.

What is more important here, is that ”Honour Found In Decay” is an album worthy to bring their name on the cover. It may need a little more attention since it doesn’t grab you at once, but in the end you will repeat the same procedure like in any other Neurosis album. Play this with eyes closed, release your self from all thoughts and let colours and pictures surround you feeling no guilt and shame about anything. Live with it, cope with it, become one with it! You cannot elude them, you cannot break the chains that bind you with them. They’re bigger than you, bigger than life itself. Neurosis is shock, awe and reality!

Track List Line Up
01. We All Rage In Blood
02. At The Well
03. My Heart For Deliverance
04. Bleeding The Pigs
05. Casting Of The Ages
06. All Is Found…In Time
07. Raise The Dawn
Dave Edwardson – Bass, Vocals (Additional)
Josh Graham – Visual Artist
Noah Landis – Keyboard, Organ, Piano, Samples, Effects
Steve Von Till – Guitar, Vocals
Scott Kelly – Vocals, Guitar
Jason Roeder – Drums