Malignancy is a New York death metal band, yet they sound like an original Floridian band. I always like to write down a good intro. But for Malignancy and their release “Eugenics” I was totally unprepared. Although they are around since 1993 and their first release was in 1999, I must admit I haven’t heard of them before. Of course I can find a good excuse and say that after the “Intrauterine Cannibalism” release in 1999 the next full length album was released in 2007.

So let us get down and focus to what Malignancy is all about. Brutal music it is what is it. With many technical parts and low muddy vocals that fit in perfectly. Let’s start with the guitars recorded in this album.

The guitars seem to be played by masters. Ron Kachnic is in charge of the great guitar work in “Eugenics”. He is totally a frenzy death metal guitarist. All the notes played clear and with great dynamics. There are too many pitching notes at the point of boredom and yet the skill of this guy is magnificent. And then you have the one of the Mortician guys on the bass. Roger Beaujard did a great job. The bass is listenable through all the way and he really nail it technically perfect. Roger used to play the drums on Malignancy until 2004 when the seat was taken by Mike Heller.

If you do not know this guy you should learn him as soon as possible. And if you can’t, don’t worry because Fear Factory have just employed him. His drumming is loud and clear and absolutely great played. Not to mention technically excellent. The tempo most of the time is fast and furious, but there are some slam brutal slow parts. Those parts really did it all for me.

For the end I left the vocals. Danny Nelson has great guttural capacity and it is 100% shown in “Eugenics”. Still there are parts of pinching screams to cover all tastes. The lyrics as may someone suspect are gory, but with a dark social content.

I definitely like this release and all the skills of the band. I am out now to hunt their previous albums.

Track List Line Up
01. Type Zero Civilization
02. Eugenics
03. Extinction Event
04. Global Systemic Collapse
05. Cataclysmic Euphoria
06. Separatists
07. Monstrous Indifference
08. Cryptobiosis
09. Creatures Of Conformity
10. The Breach
Danny Nelson – Vocals
Roger J.Beaujard – Bass
Ron Kachnic – Guitars
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