These Dutch have been around for about 20 years and here we have their fourth full length album. I had always kept an eye on Corpus Mortale and their straight in your face death metal .

Corpus Mortale having a good talent keeping their music between the oldschool death metal sound and the new style of it as they doing that with the speeds of their newest album “Fleshcraft” . The production in this 10-song album is great and all instruments are leveled between them. The heavy guitar riffs taking advantage of the listener and make him bang his head rhythmically with their tunes in songs like “Weakest of The Weak” and “Scorn Of The Earth” which are giving the listener a good taste of a respectful death metal piece in our days.

Many bands arround tried to create stuff like “Fleshcraft” but only Corpus Mortale are capable of doing such stuff. On the other hand I have been expecting something more extreme than that , new experiments or some new add ups in their elements but it seems that this band do not care about sellings or whatever and they gave us what they clearly like to do and I appreciate it. We ve seen many bands losing steps doing such stuff that I mentioned above.

Corpus Mortale keeping it true with “Fleshcraft” and I am glad that bands in our days following the right path in their music without making their albums sound boring and repeatable. “Fleshcraft” suits perfect in the collection of death metal fans arround and those that may don’t know Corpus Mortale just listen to “Weakest of The Weak” the album’s first track and you will find a reason to keep an eye on that band.

Track List Line Up
01. Weakest of the Weak
02. The Unwashed Horde
03. A Murderous Creed
04. Scorn of the Earth
05. Love Lies Bleeding
06. Enthralled
07. Feasting Upon Souls
08. Crafted In Flesh
09. Tempt Not the Knife
10. Seize the Moment of Murder
Carlos Garcia Robles – Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Brian Eriksen – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Martin Rosendahl – Vocals, Bass
Rasmus Schmidt – Drums