It was about time for the America’s finest Metalcore band All That Remains to release their sixth studio album two years after “For We Are Many” ,which is “A War You Cannot Win”. An album that is full of elements that helped All That Remains become known amongst the fans world wide. Probably their hardcore fans will find that album at least “OK” but there is something weird around it.

With the first listen of “A war you cannot win” u can find out some “catchy” songs like “Down through the ages” , “Stand Up” and “A war you cannot win” the album’s last track, its actually the whole album filled with “radio-friendly” songs which can help some songs of the album to be nominated in grammy awards or whatever. So far so good but the weird thing in that album is that even through this upcoming success of “A war you cannot win” the listener wont see anything new from ATR , not even a step forward from “For We Are Many”. There is clearly a lack of creativity in the band based on cliché metalcore guitar riffs especially replaying their own riffs since “The Fall of Ideals” , clean vocals which are taken over in percentage of 60-40 maybe more and mid tempo drum parts.There is a clear reduction of the speed of the album compared to their others and it seems that the whole creation and recordings of the “A war you cannot win” happened in rush.

Theres is also the sixth track called “intro” in the middle of the album which makes no sense and makes you wonder why would they put a 20 second guitar track called intro there.Overall “A war you cannot win” is a listen friendly album which u can put it on repeat again and again but I am clearly sure that All That Remains are capable of much better things to show.Hopefully they will make something better in the future.

01. Down Through the Ages
02. You Can’t Fill My Shadow
03. Stand Up
04. A Call to All Non-Believers
05. Asking Too Much
06. Intro
07. Just Moments in Time
08. What If I Was Nothing?
09. Sing for Liberty
10. Not Fading
11. Calculating Loneliness
12. A War You Cannot WinPhilip Labonte – vocals
Oli Herbert – lead guitar
Mike Martin – rhythm guitar
Jeanne Sagan – bass guitar
Jason Costa – drums

Track List Line Up