It was time for Parkway Drive to comeback with the long awaited new album called “Atlas”. Mind that “Old Ghosts/New Regrets” – the second track of “Atlas” –  has been around in youtube for about 6-7 months leaving the fans with high expectations.

Getting started the Australians has been a potential band in their genre , never been afraid of adding new elements in their music and experiments that looked that worked good in their previews album “Deep Blue” two years ago. Parkway Drive are not just a bunch of random late-teenagers screaming and scratching a guitar, that’s why I liked them when I first got into their music. “Atlas” starts with a song called “Sparks” a melodic intro with some lyrics on the second half and guitar parts that makes it good . Right away the storm hits you when “Old Ghosts/New Regrets” starts, a really powerful song that we had a taste of it the last months.

There are some new experiments in the guitar parts with tapping riffs, there also female vocals in the song called “The River”, some notable blast beat parts here and there like in “Wild Eyes” one of my favorites of “Atlas”. Its actually something that surprises you in every song of this album and Parkway Drive have to take a big credit for that. Drumming in that album has been tight from the first song till the last having some pretty fast parts without taking advantage of the other instruments.

Parkway Drive also achieved to create an album that the 90% of the songs are playable on live gigs and some are pretty much valuable for that reason. The listener can figure out that in songs like “Wild Eyes”, “Dark Days” and “ The River” with the first two having some multi vocal chorus parts that will be singed in lives for sure.

Two of the most notable bands of this genre came back two years after their previews releases and one of them achieved to make something extremely big and successful and their fans will love it. And that band is Parkway Drive which created great expectations after “Deep Blue” and here they are now with “Atlas” ready to keep you following them. A must buy record if you are at least keen on listening to that music and genre.

Track List Line Up
01. Sparks
02. Old Ghosts / New Regrets
03. Dream Run
04. Wild Eyes
05. Dark Days
06. The River
07. Swing
08. The Slow Surrender
09. Atlas
10. Sleight of Hand
11. Snake Oil and Holy Water
Winston McCall – vocals 
Ben Gordon – drums
Jeff Ling – guitars
Luke Kilpatrick – guitars
Jia O’Connor – bass