Right on time the enigmatic progressive hardcorers came back with their eighth studio album called “All We Love We Leave Behind”. In this release Converge showing up once again their ability to create masterpieces. The compositions are just great keeping the same feeling as the 2001 album “Jane Doe” adding new stuff without messing up with their logical progress within the years. We have seen Converge taking small but nevertheless awesome steps in these 11 years which revealing itself their activity on the genre more than 24 years.

“All We Love We Leave Behind” is the logical followup to their previous release “Axe To Fall” with some add ups as they ve been always doing. The album kicks off with a great song “Aimless Arrow” a melodic metal tune with the whole Converge feeling with the fast drumming and the guitar riffs. Right away we getting two heavy songs “Trespasses” and “Tender Abuse” two astonishing tracks that can get u headbanging all the way having many elements even some jazz style parts. The whole album having some close up moving to Converge’s metal part as the compositions based on some catchy and heavy riffs, even blastbeats here and there.

There are several good songs in that album like “Sadness Comes Home” a bit slower than the others but still the drummer is kicking it, amongst with “Sparrows Fall” , “Veins and Veils” and “Coral Blue”. There is also a deluxe edition of “All We Love We Leave Behind” having three more songs .

Clearly I don’t know what more to wait from Converge to show me because “All We Love We Leave Behind” is at least twice as better as I ve been expecting from that band. There are many metalheads out there that not looking into hardcore bands for their own reasons but converge achieved to marry hardcore with metal with their really special way. “All we love we leave behind” is one of the highlights in the entire discography this year and this is it. Enjoy it!

Track List Line Up
01. Aimless Arrow
02. Trespasses
03. Tender Abuse
04. Sadness Comes Home
05. Empty on the Inside
06. Sparrow’s Fall
07. Glacial Pace
08. Vicious Muse
09. Veins and Veils
10. Coral Blue
11. Shame in the Way
12. Precipice
13. All We Love We Leave Behind
14. Predatory Glow 
Kurt Ballou – guitar, keyboards, mixing, percussion, producer, engineer, vocals
Jacob Bannon – lead vocals, artwork, lyrics, visuals
Ben Koller – drums, percussion, vocals
Nate Newton – bass, vocals