Recently Mr. Jeff Walker, the vocalist and bassist of Carcass, has been given an interview where he revealed that Carcass are preparing a new release for 2013. And within others he said that this will be a CD with material for others could copy them for another 17 years. Well if he is right is up to you to judge. I say that this statement isn’t fault at all. And that there are many bands that are copycats, and there are bands that take the music influence of Carcass and did great things with it. In my opinion General Surgery is one of these bands.

Their last full length release is dated in 2009 and since then we haven’t any new releases from these Swede guys. Although to keep the interest of their fans they released a compilation on March of this year – with rare tracks, demo and EPs songs -and now we have an EP released. This is the second EP through all the discography of General Surgery. I must confess that I am against that kind of releases and I haven’t heard most of the EPs even by my favorite bands. It is like these bands have nothing new to say and to maintain attention on them they release an EP.

For me General Surgery have always something to say with their music. Every CD of them I’ve always find it interesting to listen to. And now they made an EP, in which I’ve always been against. If I wasn’t obliged to do a review, I would not do it. Nonetheless I listen to “Like An Ever Flying Limb” and I will tell you what I think about it.

So to connect the foreword with the music of this EP I should say that any song in here could easily be a track on “Necroticism” album of Carcass. I do know that they are great fans of Carcass, and believe me that it is showing off well on all of their releases, but this is a little bit outrageous. I do like all five tracks of this EP, but I have my objections on how their Carcass-y influences were used in this release. Even in the beginning of each song they have the classic coroner tapes that we first heard in “Necroticism”.

I do not have much more to say. This is a good EP. I liked very much the songs and I head-banged all the way. But the similarities with Carcass’s “Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious” are so great that I cannot give them a higher rating and I am really sorry for General Surgery are one of my favorites on the bands which they appear like usurpers on the throne of Carcass.

Track List Line Up
Erik Sahlström – Vocals (Lead)
Joacim Carlsson – Guitars
Tobbe Sillman – Guitars
Andreas Eriksson – Bass, Vocals (Backing)
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