A great figure of the stoner scene, Corrosion Of Conformity have been present since the first years of the 80’s. After releasing their 8th album at the beginning of 2012 with a sound closer to their debut, they ‘ve caught in the wave of the EP’s. So surprisingly enough Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean and Reed Mullin are back to something more.

Containing five tracks, this EP will sound pretty much old school. After their self-title album which was very dividing to their audience, in this one the compositions are rather pleasant to hear. “Feed On” starts the whole thing mostly with a doom approach. The rhythm set on a low profile accentuate this impression only with a slight fast return through the middle of the song. The guitar solo towards the end is kind too rough and amateurish though and stain a little bit the whole. “Priest Brains” speed up the mind and seem to be more concrete. You can almost taste a little NWOBHM in there.

The Megalodon” is completely bathed in classic stoner sounds. Groovy and mostly in mid tempo, some parts of the track reminds a little something from Down. Past member Pepper Keenan has surely left some stuff behind. And kicking like a mule comes “Strong Medicine Too Late“, summarizing a little of every track of the EP in it. A hard dose of “Big Muff” distortions and vocals according to the riffs. “The Vulture” is the jewel in Megalodon. In its less than 3 minutes length it contains great passage containing the essence of COC.

With a 20 minutes hearing, “Megalodon” is a very enjoyable EP. The musicians stay tight in their play, and the tunes fit together giving out an concrete sound. Rough but still with a breeze of freshness COC manage to put an EP worthy enough to our anticipations like many other bands lately. Seems like the EPs are making a new line.

Track List Line Up
01. Feed On
02. Priest Brain
03. The Megalodon
04. Strong Medicine Too Late
05. The Vulture
Mike Dean – Bass, vocals
Woody Weatherman – Guitar
Reed Mullin – Drums


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