Here we have the debut album of the Iranians(!!) Scox entitled “Psychedelic Philosophy”. To be honest I’ve never trusted asian bands because they never reach my expectations, but since the brutal assault in 2011 and the performance of Nevercell I totally changed my mind about that.

As for the “Psychedelic Philosophy” , the production is something that I wont say that it was something that I expected, and its not that bad but I am keen on better productions in such releases, nevertheless the songs are pretty good and the album kicks off with a song called “Carriage of Death” which in the first place I thought it was a regular song of the band but it came out that It was an intro, because with the second song of the album called “Violence Will Appear” everything changed in my head. This song is total violent and aggressive and trying to have highspeeds and in a way it succeeded that.

Most of the songs of “Psychedelic Philosophy” are weaving into mid to fast tempo songs with riffs that reminds the listener bands like cannibal corpse without being that much complicated though. There is also a song called “ passion of the mankind “ which is in the middle of the album which is an instrumental one with a heartfelt guitar sound with some eastern elements but not like the ones that Nile are using for their instrumental songs. This song could be the best for an intro but either way its not bad at all. Some notable songs on the album are : “Resurection of Gods” , “Death Sequence” and “A Fall From The Sky”.

Anyone that want to check that band out should just listen to the first of these three songs that I’ve mentioned above which have all the elements of Scox and their music.

Track List Line Up
01. Carriage of Death 
02. Violence Will Appear  
03. Nothingness  
04. A Fall from the Sky  
05. The Passion of Mankind
06. Resurrection of Gods 
07. Death Sequence  
08. Gods Are Galloping
09. Satan’s Courageous Soul  
10. Fall
Hamed Faraji – Bass
Farzad Alizade – Drums
Amir Mohamadi – Guitars
Ramtin Tourchian – Guitars
Sina Saffarian – Vocals