I still remember reading an article about the debut of a hardcore band called Hatebreed in metal invader like 15 years ago or so. It was the great “Satisfaction is The Death of Desire” an album that was really ahead of the other hardcore bands with straight to your face power and brutality at its best.

Their passion and commitment on what they been doing led them to the top . Fortunately they didn’t take their success for granted and continued to create masterpieces like the legendary “Perseverance” and the history went on and on. Now sixteen years after “Satisfaction is The Death of Desire” Hatebreed came back with “The Divinity Of Purpose”.

First of all, with the return of Wayne Lozinak (one of the band’s original guitarists in 2009 for the cover album “For The Lions” and “Hatebreed”) we see Hatebreed gaining more power in the compositions and also the band finding the balance between the hardcore sound and the metal one with both elements mixed and matched perfectly in “Divinity of Purpose”.

The record kicks of with the well known song “Put It To The Torch” which was arround in youtube for a while been the first videoclip of this album.  The second song of “Divinity of Purpose” is one of the highlights of this album and its called “Honor Never Dies”. This song made me put it on repeat the first time that I was listening to it without having heard the entire album first. This song has the power of Hatebreed and a catchy refrain with a really sweet melody which makes it a good live song aswell.

Some notable songs of the album are : “Before The Fight Ends You”, “The Divinity of Purpose” and “Dead Man Breathing”. The production of the album was made by Hatebreed, Josh Wilbur and Zeuss and they succeeded balancing every instrument and the melodies that taking part in the whole album.

To sum up this is one of the best releases so far and it will be one of the best of this year for sure. We all know what Hatebreed are capable of. Get this album and you wont regret it. We are looking forward to see them on stage once again.

Track List Line Up
01. Put It To The Torch
02. Honor Never Dies
03. Own Your World
04. The Language
05. Before The Fight Ends You
06. Indivisible
07. Dead Man Breathing
08. The Divinity Of Purpose
09. Nothing Scars Me
10. Bitter Truth
11. Boundless (Time To Murder It)
12. Idolized and Vilified
Jamey Jasta – vocals
Chris Beattie – bass guitar
Wayne Lozinak – guitar
Matt Byrne – drums
Frank Novinec – guitar