Well, here we go again. Another release by Hatebreed, shortly after their tribute album to the bands they loved, entitled ”For The Lions”.

First of all, I am sure this is not seeming good to a lot of fans, but on the other hand, this is the full length release that people waited since 2006. The decision to give to the album the band’s name, might be a statement like: This is who we are, this is Hatebreed, like it or not, fuck off! All the basic elements of the band are here. The passionate vocals of Jamey Jasta first of all. One of the best performers and frontmen of today (and of all times i can state unscaringly). What he touches turns to gold sometimes, so happens here, as he raises many levels the result of the new production of the Americans. Then comes the killer riffs, always heavy, sometimes fast and furious, but where the point is lies in the slow parts and the pounding beatdowns, where obsession takes a higher place always.

After all, I have stated many times that it is more important to bang your head in a slow part, that’s where the magic is sometimes. Last but not least, the rhythm section makes the steady guitar work sound even harder, by pushing the limits to the wall. Great drumming and pulsive bass playing, right to the point as always. The point is, what new has Hatebreed to offer? I don’t really know the answer, some can find some new hymns like the initiative ”Become The Fuse”, or the neckbreaking ”Hands Of A Dying Man”.

Some diehards could state that there ain’t songs that could become classics like the old days, or even could work live as good as in the past. The album is good but not great. I surely prefer all their previous works, and I have to be strict to them as they are a large band, in the whole sense of the word, as they have united metallers and hardcorers under one common cause: Music without limitations. I believe they can do better than that but I don’t worry at all.

After all, if you don’t like the record, you can still see them live, which is 100 times better than any studio work they did.

Track List Line Up
01. Become The Fuse
02. Not My Master
03. Between Hell And A Heartbeat
04. In Ashes They Shall Reap
05. Hands Of A Dying Man
06. Everyone Bleeds Now
07. No Halos For The Heartless
08. Through The Thorns
09. Every Lasting Scar
10. As Damaged As Me
11. Words Became Untruth
12. Undiminished
13. Merciless Tide
14. Pollution Of The Soul
15. Escape (New Diehard Edit)
Jamey Jasta – vocals
Frank Novinec – guitar
Chris Beattie – bass
Wayne Lozinak – guitar
Matt Byrne – drums