Bands playing this slamming brutal death metal pop out from every corner of the globe lately. In the USA specifically these bands are innumerable. In 2006 the first full length of Guttural Secrete was released. And it was really a great shock; a shock of gore that is. The debut “Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment” was a promising start for the Las Vegas trio.

After seven years we have their return. “Nourishing The Spoil” released the same day the pioneers of the sub-genre called slam, Devourment, release their fourth CD. What is the relation between these two albums? I must say I couldn’t find any except the fact that Guttural Secrete also play slam brutal death metal. As their debut set high expectations for them such the follow-up CD (after whole seven years!) left me wonder. There is no fresh inspiration unless a few melodic riffs towards the end of the album, and specifically on “Clotting The Vacant Stare” and on “Voyeuristic Engagement”. Those two tracks with “Deadened Prior To Coitus” are the highlights because of their freshness and the sickening melodies.

The production is clear and that is not a plus for them. The shock value is still shocking. And of course this comes from the lyrical themes and from the samples and the sound clips they use. They are gory, sick and totally perverted. Yet I cannot find a reason, if you are not a diehard fan of this genre, to buy “Nourishing The Spoil”.
The vocals are low growls as usual. And the guitars have this nauseating feeling that a slam death metal band owes to have. The bass have the background role once more. And the tempos dictated by the drums are changing from low and slamming to fast breaks and blastbeats.

I really would prefer them to stay sick as they were in “Reek …” album. There is one song remixed and rerecorded from their debut album. That is “Coprophilic Asphyxia” (you can see the sickness, right?) and I couldn’t understand the meaning of this rerecording.

Unfortunately the comeback of Guttural Secrete left me with many questions. This CD is recommended only for the fans of slam death metal.

Track List Line Up
01. Inhaling Corpulency
02. Stainless Conception
03. Serrated Impurities
04. Nourishing The Spoil
05. Deadened Prior To Coitus
06. Coprophilic Asphyxia
07. Truncation In Detail
08. Voyeuristic Engagement
09. Clotting The Vacant Stare
Jeremiah Blue Jensen – Vocals, Lyrics
Randall James Thompson – Guitars, Bass
Michael Christian Fitzgerald – Drums