[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 8
Label: Season Of Mist
Website: Link
Author: Andrew Koran[/colored_box]

German black metal duo Imperium Dekadenz release their fourth full length album “Meadows of Nostalgia” 3 years after their previous release “Procela Vadens” which had been well received and if you happen to have had a full day of misery dayroutine, where nothing seemed to go right, Imperium Dekadenz can for sure be your loyal companion with their music and its feelings!

Atmospheric black metal at its finest for sure. Imperium Dekadenz know their limits, as well as their abilities. Building their music in mid tempos and long riffs, while having intense and grim vocals that easily take us to their world of grey pictures and vast loneliness. Everything mixed up with acoustic guitar passages here and there, as well as with many doom/black elements that tend to overlook the masters of their genre (Primordial, Farsot etc) straight in the eyes with no second thoughts and absolute certainty, that someday they will conquer their place in the throne.

With the majority of the songs exceeding the duration of 6 minutes, their music cannot be described as easy listening, although it has a certain flowing power even when the songs follow an acoustic path to unveil their character. Production-wise it doesn’t escape the genre’s beloved cliches but it breathes quite well and really helps the outcome to be even more abscure and intense.

Imperium Dekadenz are in the beginning of sth that will be totally theirs on the next album. If you are into this type of music though, and haven’t heard them yet, you shouldn’t waste no more time reading this review!

Listen to these guys and you’ll get the chance to meet a big band before the masses start talking about them!

Track List Line Up
01. Durch das Tor
02. Brigobannis
03. Aue der Nostalgie
04. Ave Danuvi
05. Memoria
06. Aura Silvae
07. Der Unweg
08. Striga
09. Tränen des Bacchus
Vespasian – Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards
Horaz – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards