[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 8.5
Label: Metal Blade
Website: Link
Author: Steve Drax[/colored_box]

Swedish occult heavy metal band In Solitude has recently released its new full length album under the title “Sister”. Two years have passed since their last record, the highly acclaimed “The World. The Flesh. The Devil”, and they have returned with an album that will make you lose your sleep. While in past albums their sound was close to the heavy metal sound of Mercyful Fate or even early Iron Maiden, though they managed to sound authentic, in this one their sound was blended with gothic and post-rock elements. I have paid little attention to their two past full length albums as I had heard a few songs but this one got me.

I don’t know if it’s good or bad but I never was a die-hard fan of gothic though I always admired the style of these bands. The songs have identity and the album sounds great consistency. It actually reminded me of 70’s sound too like Black Sabbath and stuff like that, though you can hear that the band was not forced to sound like that and it definitely doesn’t sound cheesy. I liked the gloomy sound that Martin ‘Konie’ Ehrencrona, who was the producer and also participated as a guest in the album, achieved. The artwork of the album that was made by Pelle Åhman himself completes this mystic breeze the album transpires.

The voice of “Pelle Åhman” is in the same direction as in the past but has more freedom and sounds mesmerizing with that gothic feel due to the reverb he is using. The guitars have that melancholic tone matching perfectly with Pelle Åhman’s voice with short but concise solos. “Uno Bruniusson” keeps the band in time with his fantastic drum rhythms. The bass is heard loud and clear following the rhythm and making its way through your ears.

In Solitude deliver eight fantastic songs of pure experimentation and true creativity. Starting with “He Comes”, an acoustic kind of intro, “Death Knows Where” kicking in with its fantastic riff, “A Buried Sun” has that dark and claustrophobic feel, “Pallid Hands” is probably my favourite and has some of the best melodies of the album, “Lavender” has an indie rock mood, “Sister” is yet another great song with great groove, “Horses In The Ground” has that 70’s intro but quickly turns into a heavier song and the psychedelic and doomy “Inmost Nigredo” that closes the album.

Sister” shows a very artistic side of In Solitude. It combines past works with a new approach that reinforces the already strong musical identity they have. After listening closely to the two past works it is clear that “Sister” is their best and the most complete album of all, at least ‘till now. It shows how mature the band is and I think that we must wait for more great albums in the near future from them.

Track List Line Up
01. He Comes
02. Death Knows Where
03. A Buried Sun
04. Pallid Hands
05. Lavender
06. Sister
07. Horses In The Ground
08. Inmost Nigredo
Gottfrid Åhman – Bass
Henrik Palm – Guitars
Pelle Åhman – Vocals
Niklas Lindström – Guitars
Uno Bruniusson – Drums, Percussion