[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 8
Label: Nuclear Blast
Website: Link
Author: John Savvidis[/colored_box]

This time’s review will be about a side project: Rob Duke‘s of thrash legends Exodus alongside some other guys from various bands created a band called Generation Kill in 2008 releasing their first album “Red White And Blood” (2011) two years ago, which was received in a positive way. Their style can be described as old school thrash in the vein of Exodus mixed with the groove metal sound of the masters Pantera.

The new album called “We’re All Gonna Die” kicks in with the track “Born To Serve” in a fast tempo ripping broken into a really catchy groovy chorus showing the aforementioned Pantera influence. Those who were used to Dukes’ vocal delivery from Exodus, should expect something closer to modern metal and more melodic. That is seen on the “Prophets Of War” coming up next with a mellow clean intro being repeated with driving groovy guitars, and Dukes showing an unusual melodic approach to his vocals (great choice if you ask me). Musicwise from the middle and onwards the track goes into an Exodus-meets-Pantera Thrashing attack including great ripping solos and some haunting melodies to close the track. The grooviness continues with “Death Comes Calling” with a kind of a stoner vibe throughout the whole track and great psychedelic lead playing. “Friendly Fire” awakens the listener coming in full speed ahead Exodus-styled from fast to midtempo Thrashing including a headbanging chorus.

Coming up next we have a circus-like intro for “Carny Love” and after that a dark bass intro/clean guitar verse which leads to another groovy track reeking of Dimebag-influenced riffing in the chorus made for slow headbanging just like that Pantera classic called “This Love”. A more midtempo track called “Vegas” follows to balance the pace of the record including yet another catchy and groovy chorus. Some more fast riffage rips through our ears from an epic track called “There Is No Hope” breaking into a really catchy chorus then into a groovier part which leads to a clean break going all the way to the end of the song. The longest and most atmospheric track on the album. And just to create a contrast, the band gives us some old school thrashing riffage up the ass with the title track made to cause chaos in mosh pits all around including a groovy chorus followed by a kick ass breakdown old school hardcore style to end the song and the record as well.

I gotta say I really enjoyed the albums’ structure and how the more laid back songs are put right before or after the Thrashier ones. It wasn’t out of place it flowed smoothly. Well done to Generation Kill for that great record (the guitar work and drum work were exceptional, the bass lines are audible giving in what they had to give), and well done to Rob for doing something different with his voice that actually came up so good (sorry but he’s the star of the band so-to-speak so I had to focus on him a bit more). Thumbs up and I’d love to see those guys playing live (especially with Exodus)!

Track List Line Up
01. Born to Serve
02. Prophets of War
03. Death Comes Calling
04. Friendly Fire
05. Carny Love
06. Vegas
07. There Is No Hope
08. We’re All Gonna Die
Rob Dukes – Vocals
Jason Velez – Guitars
Jason Trenczer – Guitars
Rob Moschetti – Bass, Vocals
Jim DeMaria – Drums