Marilyn Manson is one of the most talented and controversial artist in the world music scene. He is provocative not only by his way of living, but also by his music and the content of his video clips. The subjects of his music are various, as for example lust, love and hate, sex, violence and nudity. His extreme appearance occurs in each of his video clips.

Three years after the release of “Born Villain”, the famous rockstar returns with his new album “The Pale Emperor” which is going to be released on 19th of January 2015. Consisting of ten songs, the album begins with the song “Killing Strangers” which has a very particular intro and a melancholic feeling that somehow makes you curious about what’s next. The problem is that this feeling doesn’t remain the same to the end of the album. To continue with, there is a constant monotony that I don’t think any of the songs inside the album can change it. Manson tries hard to be what we are used to know in “Deep Six”, with partial “dirty” vocals, but without losing his temper…without excitement.

The songs that follow have many common parts and lyrics without interest but on the other hand we have some nice songs as well. For example, “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” is a song that easily can stick in your head. For me it has a very special melody which transforms the song as one of the strongest parts of the album. Another example is also the next song, “The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles” which we could mention that is more a self-critic, an ode to the artist himself. The album ends with “Odds of Even” which is a bit boring. It just leaves the audience with the sense of a “nude” music album, with lack of the power and passion that Marilyn Manson once had.

“The Pale Emperor” is the ninth studio album of Marilyn Manson which many fans are waiting for but, is it going to satisfy them when great Manson became even more pale and catatonic and so did his music? We’ll see…

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