“Juggernaut: Alpha and Omega” are two parts of a great surprising achievement of songwriting, performance and musicianship. Emotions, melodies and far more jazz experimentation than expected for sure!

PERIPHERY’s dense sound with heavy grooves is what you’ll find in here! Their multi-layer textured metal music purposefully building in this album and it sounds huge as the earth we walk! With all 6 musicians working together to compose “Juggernaut”, it seems to be another step for the band’s tactics so far and they surely more than delivered.

PERIPHERY’s djent identity short of stayed untouched and rather being moved another step further into an even more technical progressive metal of textured guitars that is matched with the mix of clean and extreme vocals and their elastic and simultaneously insane rhythm section. With an unmistakable production that helps all textures and sounds surface in equal and proper proportions!

Hearing Spencer Soleto handling his wide variety of vocals can be a rather obscure experience, known for some pop elements and his high-pitched clean vocals – this being sadly one of the reasons that some people never tried to get into this band –  it really works fine with their music and everyone should give them a chance at least!

“Juggernaut” above all else is universal; all is brought together! Fans of extreme as well as fans of “pop” rock/metal (and everyone in between) will appreciate its variety. It’s easy to hear that this album is important. This is an album for musicians, thinkers, artists, and anyone else who can hear and feel.

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